Higher Brothers – One Punch Man

[00:00.000] 作词 : SiWei Ma/JunYi Yang/YuJie Xie/Zhen Ding
Denzel Rae Don/Curry/Stokeley/Clevon Goulbourne
[00:01.000] 作曲 : Ronald Spence
[00:03.709]Five Stars
[00:04.629]Higher gang
[00:06.998]What you talkin’ about
[00:08.797]Wack s**t fake s**t sorry I don’t get it
[00:10.660]Sit you’re a*s down just look how we make it
[00:12.432]I know I’m best rapper since I was 20
[00:14.212]I don’t wanna hear it cuz you’re dirty
[00:16.100]I be like birdman I’m a bird
[00:17.879]I don’t know it but I can learn
[00:19.658]I just wanna money I swear
[00:21.499]I swear I swear I going too deep
[00:23.342]I’m 内行人 你还不属于
[00:25.097]买AP 恒宝 百达翡丽
[00:26.882]镶满天星的钻 瑞士的工艺
[00:28.733]You never see Chinese drippin ok
[00:30.625]I got ideal I never obey
[00:32.465]**** what you think keep talking about me
[00:36.485]One punch man 我给你脸上一拳
[00:42.078]我像你的克星 见到你就一顿狂扁
[00:44.202]我继续冒险 不停的升级
[00:47.087]好多个闪光点 脖子上挂满了珍珠得项链
[00:49.756]So comfortable露出笑脸
[01:05.191]My feet don’t part in my Rick Owens
[01:06.647]Why’d I tip toe with my big toe and
[01:08.924]Scary psychosis like scarecrow and
[01:10.570]I match your head like a hair sewing
[01:12.567]Hide and seek where is your hair
[01:13.631]Like Dora make the AK solid cus I’m all devoted
[01:16.055]Camp be myself cause the boys encoded
[01:17.903]My flow gets you going like locomotive
[01:19.676]Deaf *****, watch your step *****
[01:22.905]How I hold a pistol
[01:24.188]Probably like a ***** got a millionaire wrist (ouch ouch)
[01:26.997]Higher predicted it you should count a ***** album *****
[01:28.739]Hotter the ***** sauce hit the beat like its a ****** one punch man fist woosh
[01:34.760](Ayo, how the ****
[01:36.979]Y’all gonna let this ***** Ski Mask drop some fire s**t
[01:40.352]And ya’ll ****** think he gonna eat that, nah son nah b
[01:45.602]It ain’t goin out like that)
[01:48.480]Keep a 45 no colt
[01:50.284]****** get the runnin like they Usain Bolt
[01:51.959]Give a ***** wings give a ***** red bull
[01:53.780]If a ***** die then I might be deadpool
[01:55.605]5 to your face like I’m Abraham Lincoln
[01:57.538]I leave a hole that’s the size of a penny
[01:59.288]When I catch that they gonna say that it’s Denny
[02:01.088]Pay off the winners they say I’m at Denny’s
[02:02.977]Call me Goku,
[02:03.721]I play the numbers just like Sudoku
[02:05.563]Triple c rolls they get hella opals
[02:07.406]Overpay the ***** I’m goin postal
[02:09.266]I dressed to kill and y’all ****** formal
[02:11.066]Magic on me trick I’m double door
[02:12.514]Open your back up you lookin like Bulbasaur
[02:14.360]***** I’m tyrannical, goin Tyrannosaurus stupid
[02:16.095]That ***** you know that’s a metaphor
[02:21.449]Super Saiyan Hokage Ninja in my heart
[02:24.615]Naruto Goku you weak as cold food
[02:27.949]Murder you like cutting tofu
[02:33.405]Higher gang的vibe 除了兄弟财富什么都不在乎
[02:36.907]Higher gang swag young rapper don’t know how to be a man
[02:39.187]Purple fire purple juice swag in studio B
[02:41.788]Still be the whole lot of money dance
[02:43.277]Blessing blessing flexing
[02:44.389]Flexing h*e many fashion flow yeah
[02:46.319]Endangered animal yeah became
[02:48.307]International **** no love cash only
[02:51.175]You need pay I’m VVIP free
[02:54.473]有一点累 赚的钱翻了几倍
[02:58.324]Dunk from three I’m running my way
[03:01.950]Too many different place you need face to face

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