Higher Brothers – I Did

[00:00.000] 作词 : Melo
[00:01.000] 作曲 : Melo
[00:22.201]I keep money for the airplane or airport
[00:24.951]离目标实现只差One or two years more
[00:30.450]现实很冷漠 我们从来都没认识过
[00:41.797]从来不懒惰 钻石永远会闪烁
[00:44.247]My flow like water 在节奏里的robber
[00:47.029]If we talking about skills 我是你们的father
[00:49.779]Lover boy lover rapper 都关紧了家门儿
[00:52.545]Motherf**ker I fly like Vince Carter
[00:55.378]I do my most i feeling cold
[00:57.577]I pay myself bought me cloths
[00:59.127]Nobody knows 从今以后
[01:01.276]Fame money i wanna both
[01:03.326]A beautiful rose for my 24 years old
[01:06.409]You did you did everything i did it
[01:09.025]You did you did i told ya i will did it
[01:11.825]I did i did i did it did it made it
[01:14.591]I did it did it made it i did it
[01:28.778]Moving like rocket 一样上升
[01:33.930]夕阳和黄昏 爱情海的浪声
[01:39.544]I’m best player best forever yah
[01:42.325]Bless for as*hole bless for passport yah
[01:44.992]Your favorite rapper都是软弱的
[01:47.444]Your other favorite rapper 都是没有感觉的
[01:50.458]Somebody please 快点儿让我冷静
[02:01.388]Yah 我穿得都是他们买不起的
[02:04.122]Yah I told you everything I will did it
[02:07.037]Yah 赞助商的鞋子送了几车
[02:12.468]You did you did everything I did it
[02:15.268]You did you did I told ya I will did it
[02:18.034]I did I did I did it did it made it
[02:20.783]I did it did it made it I did it

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