[00:05.26]Yeah, Slumdon Bridge
[00:07.32]Mr. Red, Catfish
[00:11.38]Back me up
[00:13.76]Let’s go
[00:15.13]I’m out to bark again, ball cracked on the target, demolish it
[00:19.07]Don’t jump, I just see, nah, took a swattin’, then
[00:21.95]Think while I jump back on the beat, like I need audiences
[00:25.20]To speak too like a leech, needs to retrieve blood
[00:28.70]Should I creep into these ambient sounds with the speech? Obvious
[00:31.51]Witness the retardedness with cerebral palsy, that’s several pauses
[00:36.95]You might need a coffin with holes on the top of these tubes to receive oxygen
[00:42.38]You buried alive like a freak, six feet
[00:45.07]Clawing and snatching and clawin’ like a cat
[00:47.51]And a dog and a rat
[00:48.70]And a hog in a pen
[00:49.70]With a frog and all there is to eat
[00:51.82]Is frog and they
[00:52.82]Beat each to a pulp with nails, teeth and jaws and then
[00:56.20]They fight to the death for at least a piece off of them
[00:59.63]See that you back to bars again, he’s all asleep in coffin, man
[01:02.88]I’m all, they all that’s been, ever was at the start of it
[01:06.20]You mention the squad and then
[01:08.20]You mention the god of pens
[01:09.70]Not of it, but I’m harder then
[01:11.45]Flesh I’m harder than titanium brass plates that are polished in
[01:14.82]Sticking emcees off like a fly trap, or a bobby pin
[01:17.63]When I rap I’m astonishing
[01:19.63]I attack tracks like a train track strapped to a bomb and send
[01:23.45]Shockwave’s that’s what I made, got this bastard popping then
[01:26.63]I spit on my pop’s grave without apologin’
[01:30.20]Take ****s on shih tzus
[01:31.69]Pisses on igloos
[01:33.13]Throw it up to the whole ****ing world, it’s sick too
[01:36.63]Vomitin’ stomach fluid like you just ate **** stew
[01:40.32]Did I say **** again? Do I give a ****, dude?
[01:44.06]Neither does Little Johnny give a shit if he sniffs glue
[01:46.87]Or Bethoveen care if you like his hair or the stick used
[01:50.59]To orchestrate, or does a porpoise hate when you dip through
[01:53.78]Swimming in this ocean no, he just moves
[01:56.90]What I’m trying to say is, it’s my **********ing ocean
[02:04.34]And I crossed it
[02:06.41]Built a bridge, the Slumdon Bridge, holla!

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