Alan Walker – Sing Me to Sleep

[00:00.000] 作词 : Gunnar Greve/Tommy La Verdi/Jesper Borgen/Magnus Bertelsen
[00:00.002] 作曲 : Anders Froen/Alan Walker/Iselin Solheim/Tommy La Verdi/Gunnar Greve/Jesper Borgen/Magnus Bertelsen
[00:00.04]Produced by:Alan Walker/Jesper Borgen/Mood Melodies
[00:00.05]Published by:Warner Chappel/Copyright Control/Sony/ATV Music Publishing/Stellar Songs Ltd./Obel AS/Kassner Associated Publishers Ltd.
[00:00.06]Vocals by:Iselin Solheim
[00:00.07]Background Vocals by:Iselin Solheim/Jesper Borgen
[00:00.08]Mixing Engineer:Sören Von Malmborg At Basecamp Studios in Stockholm, Sweden
[00:00.09]Mastering Engineer:Sören Von Malmborg At Cosmos Mastering in Stockholm, Sweden
[00:00.10]Executive Producer:Gunnar Greve
[00:00.11]Vocal Engineer:Anders Froen/Jesper Borgen
[00:00.12]Programmed by:Alan Walker/Anders Froen/Jesper Borgen
[00:00.13]Recorded at:MER Studios in Oslo, Norway
[00:00.14]Repertoire Owner:MER Recordings (Swedish Deal)
[00:04.07]Wait a second let me catch my breath
[00:09.21]Remind me how it feels to hear your voice
[00:14.62]Your lips are moving I can’t hear a thing
[00:20.41]Living life as if we had a choice
[00:25.91]Anywhere anytime
[00:28.51]I would do anything for you
[00:34.13]Anything for you
[00:36.68]Yesterday got away
[00:39.43]Melodies stuck inside your head
[00:44.66]A song in every breath
[00:47.64]Sing me to sleep now
[00:52.83]Sing me to sleep
[00:57.85]Won’t you sing me to sleep now
[01:03.66]Sing me to sleep
[01:31.16]Remember me now time can not erase
[01:36.74]I can hear your whispers in my mind
[01:42.23]I’ve become what you can not embrace
[01:47.39]Our memory will be my lullaby
[01:53.01]Sing me to sleep now
[01:58.22]Sing me to sleep
[02:03.24]Won’t you sing me to sleep now
[02:09.11]Sing me to sleep
[02:39.56]I would do
[02:42.85]Time away
[02:50.46]I would do
[02:53.68]Time away

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