Alan Walker – Golden Gate 2016

[00:00.000] 作词 : Marvin Divine
[00:00.000] 作曲 : Alan Walker/Marvin Divine
[00:00.00]「Golden gate」
[00:02.34]yeah yeah yeah yeah
[00:05.56]uh My name’s Divine
[00:10.84]Golden gate
[00:12.90]Let me talk
[00:15.88]It’s a celebration
[00:16.74]Let’s play this all over the nation
[00:18.56]Yeah the class is over
[00:19.82]Nobody is over here like to talk about education
[00:22.24]We got one night so let’s party
[00:24.39]The world is us, let’s join the show
[00:26.34]Tell the girls to go on move their bodies
[00:28.16]Let’s going dance, it’s on the show
[01:16.80]Everything is going
[01:17.65]The car is closed to watch the change
[01:19.67]One thing I never told you is that I’m here to represent the golden gate
[01:23.66]So we hands up, stand up, tell the DJ to play this loud
[01:27.50]Everybody is in the golden gate
[01:29.18]You know what it is when you hear this sound?
[01:31.34]Everybody is going for the party
[01:32.61]Stand up, party is all the name, burst to complain
[01:34.83]If you know, yeah, if I didn’t tell you I’m here to represent the golden gate

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